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AVBOB Funeral Service

Funeral Service profile
AVBOB Funeral Service comprises 10 marketing regions with ±185 agencies throughout South Africa and Namibia, that trade under the name AVBOB (Funeral Service) Ltd. Each region is managed by an Area Manager: Funeral Services and Products, who is responsible for the marketing activities of about 19 agencies that are individually managed by AVBOB's representatives. Assistant representatives, personal assistants and other personnel assist these representatives. AVBOB Funeral Service is divided into 5 operational regions under the control of a Regional Manager: Operations. The nature and scope of the offices, hearses, cooling facilities, grass carpets, lowering devices and the number of personnel are determined by local demand. The duties of an Area Manager: Funeral Service and Products, include the evaluation of market conditions and the placement of representatives. The duties of the Regional Manager include organising suitable premises, the provision of funeral equipment and the training of representatives.

The following services and product ranges are supplied by AVBOB Funeral Service:

  • Funerals
  • Cremations
  • Coffins
  • Wreaths
  • Tombstones


  • Adequate funeral cover plus
  • Funeral Service to policyholders and non-policyholders
  • Cost effective Funeral Service country-wide on a 24 hour basis
  • Trusted client support
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Quality funeral ware
  • Emotional and financial security
  • Multicultural products and services
  • Tombstone can be erected on the day of the funeral

Funeral products
  • There is a wide selection of wooden coffins as well as wooden and metal caskets available on display in our well-designed showrooms
  • All our coffins are manufactured to SABS standards
  • Our metal caskets are available in various colours
  • We specialise in using various flower types and colours when we design our wreaths
  • Multicultural products are available to suit diverse needs
  • Displaying our colourful wreaths is an intricate part of the display area
  • All our tombstones are manufactured at one of our two factories and we are able to erect the tombstone on the day of the funeral
  • Different types of material and designs makes AVBOB one of the leading tombstone manufacturers in South Africa
  • To see our extensive range of funeral products, go to

Products and services

  • AVBOB not only renders funeral service to policyholders, but also to private individuals
  • We render funerals on a contract basis to members of Unions, Church Organisations, Government, other insurance companies and employer groups etc
  • Being a mutual company, we have a deep and ongoing responsibility towards the various client groups we serve
  • We endeavour to understand and fulfil our clients' needs
    Currently more than 55% of all funerals and cremations carried out by AVBOB are on behalf of our Black, Coloured and Asian clients
  • A one stop service is provided country wide
  • 156 Agencies in South Africa
  • Funerals and cremations
  • Funeral products
  • Coffins
  • Wreaths
  • Tombstones

Undertaker services include :

  • A range of quality coffins
  • Preparation of deceased
  • Use of cooling facilities
  • Obtaining of medical certificate
  • Transportation of deceased to our modern, hygienic mortuary (30km radius)
  • Funeral arrangements made in our office or at home
  • Undertaker services
  • Use of chairs at grave
  • Use of custom built hearse
  • Use of modern lowering device
  • Registration of death
  • Compiling and printing of funeral pamphlets
  • Use of artificial grass mats
  • Use of grave tent
  • Nameplate on coffin
  • Use of screen at night vigil
  • Artificial coffin wreath
  • Local telephone calls
Additional services provided by AVBOB
  • Conducting of funerals over week-ends to the satisfaction of customer
  • Arrangement for catering
  • Arrangement for fresh flowers
  • Arrangement for additional chairs
  • Arrangement for family cars
  • Placement of funeral notice in local newspaper
  • Arrangement for additional house tent
  • Arrangement for grave / cremation fees
  • Conducting of funerals by well trained personnel
  • Arrangement for modern custom build six wheeler hearse
  • Tombstone erected on the day of the funeral

An AVBOB policyholder who makes use of AVBOB’s burial service will receive the following free of charge, including:

  • Up to R4000 discount off the price of the funeral and
  • Qualify for free transportation of the deceased within the borders of South Africa
  • Free transportation of a tombstone within South Africa

Funeral Arrangements
A practical guide
When a death occurs in the family there are many unfamiliar tasks which must be carried out. Although this web site is not a substitute for discussing arrangements with a funeral director or pre-planning consultant, we hope that it will provide answers to some of the questions that may arise.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact any of our offices country-wide.

What to do when a death occurs.
If a person dies at home, call AVBOB. We will arrange with the doctor to issue a medical certificate stating the cause of death. If a person dies at a hospital, the attending doctor will issue the medical certificate. If a person dies of unnatural causes, this must be reported to the police. The deceased will be removed by them and taken to the state mortuary. A medical certificate will only be issued once an autopsy has been performed to determine the cause of death.
Please click here to view our different branches
Once the medical certificate has been issued, and the family has done the identification, the deceased can be released to AVBOB.
Our +- 3500 representatives are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Therefore, if death occurs outside normal business hours, we will be at your service. Traditionally, funeral arrangements are done at the funeral home. AVBOB, however, offers the service of doing this in the privacy of your own home, if so preferred. It is usually worth your while to meet with members of your family to make certain tentative decisions before you meet with us.
For assistance call: 0861FUNERAL (08613863725)

Decisions you will have to make

  • Type of service i.e. burial, cremation or memorial, graveside service
  • Place, date and time of service
  • The minister and organist (these can be arranged for you)
  • Coffin / casket
  • How you wish the deceased to be dressed
  • Whether the family would like to view the deceased prior to the service
  • Flowers for the coffin and/or church. Hymns and special music
  • Pall bearers
  • Funeral notices in local newspapers
  • Donations to a charitable organisation in lieu of flowers
  • Tea to be served following the service, and if so, where
  • What to do with the ashes following the cremation

Documents to be submitted.
  • The identity book of the deceased
  • Medical certificate in respect of death, issued by a medical practitioner (which we arrange)
  • Any funeral policy or prepaid funeral contract, irrespective of whom issued it



As a Mutual Assurance Society you are not our clients, but our owners, which means that not only do you come first, but you also benefit from the profits made by the Society.

With over 3,5 million lives covered, AVBOB Mutual Assurance Society is a stable and professional company that has been serving South Africans for more than 90 years.

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