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AVBOB 100 Facts

  1. AVBOB exercises COVID-19 health protocols at all our facilities, including the wearing of masks, sanitising, and social distancing.
  2. AVBOB has over 350 branches across South Africa. When we say, ‘We’re here for you®’, we really mean it!
  3. AVBOB is committed to informative, straight-to-the-point advertising.
  4. AVBOB's current advertising campaign respects your time when we advertise, and we thank you for it.
  5. If you request a quote by SMSing 30776 at no cost, AVBOB will call you back.
  6. AVBOB's current advertising campaign foregrounds straight-forward facts in favour of convoluted marketing illusions.
  7. Everything you want to know about AVBOB is on our website:
  8. AVBOB are the funeral service and funeral insurance specialists.
  9. Whether you’re a policyholder or not, AVBOB is here for you.
  10. By using AVBOB's USSD line – *120*28262# – you can locate your nearest AVBOB branch, discover information about AVBOB's products, or access information relating to your AVBOB policy. *Call rate 20c per 20 seconds
  11. All of AVBOB's available jobs are listed on our job portal at and we only accept online applications.
  12. AVBOB is Africa's largest mutual assurance society, and a one-stop funeral insurance and funeral services provider.
  13. AVBOB is an active member of accredited industry organisations, including the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF), the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).
  14. AVBOB is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor. Our workplace comprises 70% female employees.
  15. AVBOB is a licensed financial services provider: FSP 20656.
  16. AVBOB has over 7 000 employees who work every day to add value for our more than 2 million policyholders.
  17. AVBOB is proud to regularly be recognised as an industry leader through awards such as the Ask Afrika Orange Index, Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands Survey and PMR Africa Diamond Arrow awards.
  18. Through innovation, AVBOB Industries manufactures cold rooms from shipping containers in South Africa, to ensure sufficient capacity and support in the battle against increased COVID-19 deaths.
  19. The AVBOB family has a strong social media community, with our Facebook page having over 180 000 followers! You can follow us here:
  20. AVBOB is committed to supporting the local communities in which our branches are located through a number of enterprise development initiatives, including staff training and the selection of local suppliers.
  21. With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, AVBOB ensured that all our staff followed strict COVID-19 safety protocols and that all government and industry regulations were adhered to. This included AVBOB supplying personal protective equipment (PPE), used by our undertakers and frontline staff conducting funerals, at no cost to the families of our clients.
  22. AVBOB traces its roots to 1918: the aftermath of the First World War and the Spanish Flu pandemic that followed. AVBOB's philanthropic mission took root as we came together to restore the dignity that was destroyed by disease and poverty. Since then, more than 100 years later, AVBOB has been making a positive difference in the lives of all South Africans.
  23. In 1951 AVBOB became a mutual assurance society and that’s when we became a family. And at AVBOB, FAMILY comes first. ALWAYS.
  24. AVBOB was founded in 1918.
  25. AVBOB's history of over 100 years is documented at the AVBOB History Museum at AVBOB's Provincial Office in Bloemfontein.
  26. AVBOB’s Cashback policy offers an accident benefit* which pays out an additional amount if the insured passes on as a result of an accident. This additional amount is equal to the sum insured up to a maximum of R20 000.
  27. In August 2018, AVBOB celebrated its official Centenary (having been founded in 1918) under the symbol of the baobab tree representing AVBOB's dignified heritage and the company's commitment to standing strong for all South Africans.
  28. AVBOB Industries craft mobile trolley libraries for primary school learners in smaller schools, to give them access to a world of books.
  29. AVBOB gives its members FREE member benefits worth up to R17 500* from AVBOB Funeral Service to conduct a funeral.
  30. When AVBOB uses the word ‘FREE*’, we mean it! This includes the provision of a FREE funeral* by AVBOB Funeral Service for qualifying beneficiaries of AVBOB policies, FREE transport of the deceased within the borders of South Africa*, or FREE Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)* for all frontline AVBOB staff conducting funerals.
  31. AVBOB members receive FREE funeral benefits* of up to R17 500, which they can get after two years, provided by AVBOB Funeral Service.
  32. As an AVBOB policyholder, AVBOB's FREE funeral benefits* are over and above your policy value.
  33. As an AVBOB policyholder, you can receive a FREE basic funeral* valued at R12 500.
  34. As an AVBOB policyholder, you can receive a R2 500 immediate cash payment for initial expenses*.
  35. As an AVBOB policyholder, you can receive FREE transport of the deceased within the borders of South Africa*.
  36. AVBOB's funeral agencies are focused on providing accessible, one-stop funeral care to all communities in South Africa.
  37. Our ONE AVBOB strategy ensures that our three business divisions (Insurance, Funeral Service, Industries) maximise synergies to allow us to be more innovation-driven and to deliver the right products and services in the market at the right time.
  38. Beneficiaries of qualifying AVBOB funeral insurance policies can draw the R2 500 immediate cash benefit* at their nearest Standard Bank ATM or Spar.
  39. AVBOB has created a special benefit for premium-paying policyholders, who may receive a six-month premium holiday in the event of their retrenchment*.
  40. The AVBOB Group consists of the AVBOB Mutual Assurance Society that provides funeral insurance and two subsidiaries, namely AVBOB Funeral Service that provides funeral services and AVBOB Industries that manufactures coffins and funeralware.
  41. Every qualifying AVBOB member received their share of AVBOB’s R3.5 billion Special Bonus that has been credited to their AVBOB Reward Account.
  42. AVBOB's FREE funeral benefits* apply to AVBOB policies that have been in force for 24 months or longer. When you claim after a family member has passed, you can also claim to access the benefits – just inform AVBOB's consultants.
  43. Over the past 14 years, AVBOB has allocated more than R11 billion in surplus profits to the improvement of policyholder benefits.
  44. AVBOB has no shareholders. Our policyholders benefit from our profits.
  45. AVBOB’s profits are shared with policyholders, their members, in the form of special bonuses and improved FREE funeral benefits* from AVBOB Funeral Service.
  46. ‘Mutual’ means ‘shared value’, ‘win-win’ for all AVBOB members.
  47. If you need your AVBOB Pay@ reference number to pay your AVBOB premium in-store, simply go to and enter your cellphone and ID number. We’ll send you your reference number via SMS.
  48. AVBOB provides the free 'File of Life' on our website to help you to identify, organise and collect the documents that your beneficiary will need to arrange your funeral and finalise your estate.
  49. You can pay your AVBOB policy premium by debit order, EFT, at an AVBOB branch or any one of these stores: PEP, Boxer, Pick n Pay, Usave, Checkers and Shoprite.
  50. To claim against your AVBOB policy, simply call us on 0861 28 26 21 to start the claims process or send us an e-mail (details on our website). Standard call rates apply.
  51. AVBOB stands against gender-based violence through our ongoing 365+ campaign. We have partnered with the TEARS Foundation and are sponsoring the 'Help at your fingertips' free helpline.
  52. AVBOB has donated container libraries to disadvantaged schools across all 9 provinces of South Africa – because literacy is the gift that keeps on giving.
  53. Every AVBOB container library donated to schools in need across South Africa is constructed by AVBOB Industries from salvaged shipping containers, and fitted with solar panels to generate electricity, wooden laminated floors, sturdy shelving, furniture and most importantly, 2 500 to 3 000 brand-new books.
  54. Established in 2012, the AVBOB Corporate Social Investment programme was geared to support South Africa's literacy and education initiatives.
  55. AVBOB supports various education-related programmes in partnership with South Africa's National Department of Basic Education.
  56. AVBOB has been certified as a Top Employer through the Top Employers Institute for four years in a row: 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.
  57. The AVBOB Poetry Competition is open to all South Africans in all 11 official languages – because lines on a page can change lives.
  58. AVBOB brings words of comfort to the bereaved through poetry. Visit AVBOB Poetry
  59. Comforting those in mourning, the AVBOB Poetry Library contains over 14 000 freely accessible poems in all 11 languages.
  60. Every year, 11 new winners (representing all of South Africa's 11 official languages) of the AVBOB Poetry Competition each win a grand prize worth R12 500 (a R10 000 cash prize and R2 500 book voucher) and the AVBOB Poetry Trophy.
  61. In 2021, The AVBOB Poetry Competition is running for its fifth consecutive year as the largest poetry competition of its kind in South Africa.
  62. The AVBOB Poetry Competition accepts poems with the themes of love, hope, birth, and death.
  63. The AVBOB Poetry Project and its annual competition were officially launched in July 2017 to provide all our policyholders, all our people, with a way to give voice to their grief. For more heart-warming poetry visit
  64. The AVBOB Poetry Competition (currently in its fifth year) runs annually from 1 August to 30 November, with poems entered in all 11 official languages at
  65. After its first four years, The AVBOB Poetry Competition had received 121 629 poems as entries, with our professional language editors selecting 14 449 to be published in the freely accessible AVBOB Poetry Library online at
  66. With every published poem receiving a R300 usage fee, AVBOB has supported South African poets directly through over R4,3 million paid in the first four years of The AVBOB Poetry Competition, as well as over R500 000 in prizes for the competition's winning poets.
  67. In the fourth year of The AVBOB Poetry Competition (2020), 41 149 poems were entered in only 4 months by 7 124 individual poets: the youngest being 7 years old and the oldest being 98!
  68. Within its first 2 years The AVBOB Poetry Project was honoured to receive 17 awards – both local and international – in recognition of the widespread public participation in The AVBOB Poetry Competition, and the marketing campaigns behind it since its launch in 2017.
  69. In 2018 AVBOB responded to President Cyril Ramaphosa's call to eradicate pit latrines in schools by investing R15 million in SAFE – the Sanitation Appropriate for Education initiative – because every child should feel safe at school.
  70. In 2018, AVBOB's Centenary year, AVBOB partnered with the Department of Basic Education and donated R135 million to upgrade and refurbish schools through our Schools Infrastructure Project.
  71. AVBOB introduced aquamation (green cremation) to South Africa in 2019: a more environmentally friendly way to say goodbye.
  72. AVBOB Funeral Service can assist you with all your funeral arrangement needs, including transport of the deceased, registration of the death, placement of funeral notices and more.
  73. AVBOB conducts funerals for both AVBOB policyholders and non-policyholders.
  74. With more than 100 years experience you can trust AVBOB in your time of need.
  75. AVBOB provides burial and cremation (both flame-based and water-based) services to all clients - whether policyholders or not.
  76. AVBOB offers a wide variety of superior quality coffins, caskets, tombstones, and related funeral products.
  77. Anybody conducting a funeral through AVBOB Funeral Service can pay tribute to their loved one via our FREE online platform, AVBOB Memories.
  78. AVBOB's Breadwinner benefit* gives you the peace of mind that when you as the policyholder pass on, the policy will be paid-up and your family will still be covered by your AVBOB Cashback funeral policy without having to pay any further premiums.
  79. At AVBOB, we celebrate our rich diversity. All funerals in South Africa are different, but they all start the same way … with a call. Call AVBOB on #TheNumberToKeep – 0861 28 26 21. Standard call rates apply.
  80. AVBOB's international Repatriation service will be there to ensure your loved ones are brought back home, no matter where they pass away, or where you would like them to find their final resting place,
  81. AVBOB’s Cashback policy gives you cash back* after every 5 claim-free years for the things you need. Because we’re all looking for a little help through the tough times.
  82. If you as the AVBOB Cashback Funeral policyholder are claim-free for five consecutive years, AVBOB will give you your fifth year’s premiums back in cash*.
  83. If your AVBOB Cashback funeral policy is 24 months and older and you are involuntarily retrenched, you qualify for a 6-month premium holiday while you are looking for another job.
  84. You don't need a health assessment to apply for AVBOB's Cashback Funeral Policy.
  85. AVBOB will help you put your family first with our Extended Family benefit that you can add to your AVBOB Cashback Funeral policy.
  86. With AVBOB, you can add your parents, spouse, children, and extended family to your policy.
  87. You can add a Survivor benefit* to your AVBOB Cashback Funeral policy that will pay out in 6 equal parts to your beneficiary after your death.
  88. AVBOB makes it easier for you to save with the AVBOB Family Saver. We need to provide for all our days – and not just for the day we finally leave this earth.
  89. The AVBOB Family Saver is a savings plan designed to meet your needs and to help you reach your goals.
  90. Pay for your studies or those of your children with the AVBOB Family Saver Education Provider.
  91. Pay off your bond quicker with the AVBOB Family Saver Mortgage Accelerator.
  92. Save towards that well-deserved getaway with the AVBOB Family Saver Dream Holiday.
  93. With AVBOB's Family Saver, you can save from as little as R200 per month.
  94. If your AVBOB Family Saver Account is six months or older, you qualify for a discount of up to R4 000 off the cost of your funeral*.
  95. AVBOB's four insurance policies are designed to best suit your family’s needs, namely: 1) AVBOB Cashback Funeral Insurance (18-64 years); 2) AVBOB Pensioner Funeral Plan (65 years and older); 3) AVBOB Family Saver (18-69 years) and 4) AVBOB Cashback Lifestyle Insurance (18-79 years)
  96. If you are 65 years and older, you can join AVBOB's Pensioner Funeral Plan. You can be covered for R8 000 if a monthly premium from as little as R150 is paid or covered for R10 000 if a once-off premium of R10 000 is paid.
  97. AVBOB’s values of Customer Focus, Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork and People underpin all that we do.
  98. AVBOB is a proud sponsor of the Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival.
  99. AVBOB is a proud sponsor of 'Met 'n huppel in die stap'.
  100. AVBOB is a proud sponsor of The Sacred Fest Concert.

*Terms and conditions apply. Free funeral benefits only apply if AVBOB Funeral Service conducts the funeral. AVBOB is an authorised financial services provider. AVBOB is a level 2 B-BBEE contributor. FSP 20656.

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