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Essential Funeral Cover: How We Exceed Expectations

If the global pandemic has driven home any lessons, it is that life is uncertain and the unexpected can happen at any moment. There is no way to know what the future holds, especially when it comes to the loss of loved ones. This consideration is stressful for most people, especially breadwinners who want to ensure that their families are cared for after they have passed on. While we cannot avoid certainties like death, we can prepare for them to ensure those left behind can mourn without added financial burdens. We at AVBOB have, therefore, created tailored funeral cover policies ideal for individuals and families in South Africa looking to take care of their future.

Why Funeral Cover is So Important

A funeral policy is a type of insurance towards which a policyholder pays a monthly premium. This policy may cover the policyholder and/or one or more of their loved ones. In the event of an insured individual passing on, this policy pays out a specified amount which enables the family to afford the funeral without worry. It is an investment one can start making today to ensure that future expenses are handled and that the remaining family is not left helpless. This may be a small consolation in the face of great loss, but it relieves much pressure and anxiety from loved ones who must often shoulder the burden of debt. With funerals becoming more expensive in South Africa, the right kind of insurance makes it possible to give your loved ones the respectful, dignified farewell that they deserve. The best part is that with AVBOB, it is never too early or too late to apply for cover.

About Our Mutual Assurance Society

As a Mutual Assurance Society, we at AVBOB have no external shareholders, which means our members are the ones who benefit from our growth. We are thus able to introduce fantastic added features to our plans, including special bonuses and FREE funeral benefits. Our profits are channelled back into the lives of our valued members, whom we see as family. This means the value of our policies increases and we can offer you much more than what you pay for. By entrusting your loved ones to us, you take part in our unique culture of compassionate sharing that benefits you directly

Choose Benefits That Suit You and Your Family

We believe that by providing South Africans with flexible and affordable options, quality cover becomes more accessible to all. We have various policies tailored to individual and family needs, such as our:

• Cashback Funeral Insurance: Save on funeral expenses with the added benefit of receiving a cash payout after every five, claim-free years. This benefit gives you a payout of your fifth year’s premiums to do with as you see fit.
• Extended Family Funeral Insurance: This policy makes covering your entire family, including your parents and extended family members, affordable and easy.
• Pensioner Funeral Insurance: This policy is specifically for individuals 64 years and older who are looking for top-tier cover and benefits at an affordable monthly premium.
• Cashback Lifestyle Insurance: This is a whole-life insurance policy with benefits payable in the event of death, disability, and/or critical illnesses. At the end of every five years, 20% of all premiums paid across the previous five years is paid back to you in cash.
• AVBOB Family Saver: This savings plan allows you to save up for the things most important to you – such as a future education, a luxury holiday, or loan repayments. With this policy, you earn interest on your savings, receive special bonuses, and qualify for a discount when you appoint AVBOB to conduct a funeral

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