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Need a Comprehensive Funeral Policy? We Cover Individuals Over 80

As we become older, issues such as finances, physical health, and death are more of a concern. Ageing often means losing more people close to us and understanding the emotional and financial toll that losing a loved one can take. Unfortunately, it is within this same sphere that getting the right insurance becomes tricky. Finding comprehensive funeral cover for pensioners over 80 years of age is especially challenging. Some companies charge exorbitant premiums that are difficult to afford, and others are simply not willing to take on individuals over 65. If you or a loved one are over 80 and want to apply for a policy that takes care of the financial burden of a funeral, then we at AVBOB have a superior product for you.

Why Pensioners Over 80 Should Prioritise Funeral Cover

You are never too young or too old to prepare for the future, especially during these current, uncertain times. Some individuals approaching their senior years have difficulty making end-of-life arrangements, but prioritising the right policy alleviates much worry about the future. Everyone, even those over 80, will reap the benefits of applying for funeral cover, such as:

• Peace of mind knowing that loved ones left behind are not burdened with debt created by a funeral.
• Allowing family and friends to pay their last respects in a way that is comforting to them without financial strain.
• A policy payout that is quick and seamless, where the family will not have to struggle to receive the funds needed to bid farewell.
• Added benefits and affordable monthly payments when you choose the right cover, such as AVBOB’s insurance for pensioners over 80.

Get Covered with Our Funeral Insurance for Pensioners

The modern world is fast-paced and ever-changing, and few companies prioritise the needs of their older clientele. At the AVBOB Mutual Assurance Society, we believe in putting each member first and remaining inclusive – no matter anyone’s age. It is for this reason that we have developed a tailored product for individuals over 80 years of age. Our Group Funeral Insurance for Pensioners is a single-life policy for anyone 64 years and older, and there is no maximum age for applicants. Persons over 84 years old, however, can only get cover by paying the single, once-off premium.

Policyholders can decide whether they want an insured amount of R8 000 by paying monthly premiums, or if they prefer R10 000 cover with a single once-off premium of R10 000. You can also choose to add extra cover to your policy to the value of R2 000. This added cover costs between R30 to R50 per month based on age, or a once-off premium of R2 000. Policyholders of this plan also qualify for FREE funeral benefits that exceed the value of the policy, namely

• FREE funeral arrangements.
• A certain type of coffin, and the use of a certain type of hearse.
• A FREE early cash payment of R2 500 to the person arranging the funeral.
• Transport of the deceased to anywhere in South Africa for FREE.

These benefits apply to policies that have been in effect for 24 months or longer and are subject to AVBOB being the appointed funeral conductor. Policyholders that pay the single, once-off premium will not have to endure a waiting period and will receive full cover at the starting date of their policy. Those who pay monthly premiums must wait six months to be fully insured, and death from natural causes during this waiting period of six months will not be covered. Death due to unnatural causes, such as car accidents, will be covered regardless of the waiting period if the first premium was paid.

We also offer a non-guaranteed special bonus. This consists of a 15% increase in the insured amount, and it is added to policies that are over two years old. If the premium payer is forcefully retrenched, this 15% special bonus can be converted into a premium holiday that covers the premiums for the next six months (when the premium is payable monthly). Policyholders that claim this premium holiday will not have the 15% increase in the insured amount applied when they die.

Our comprehensive and inclusive funeral cover for individuals over 80 years old means that members can choose a payment plan that suits them while enjoying affordable premiums. They can also easily access and manage their policy with our self-serving portal. To apply for a pensioner funeral plan today, have a look here.

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