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AVBOB Funeral Policy. Helping You Claim when You Need it Most

It’s devastating to lose a loved one. Mourning overwhelms you. Even daily tasks feel insurmountable as grief is the only thing on your mind.

Yet there are so many tasks one needs to do before you can bid farewell. You must inform friends and family. You must secure your loved one’s possessions. You may even need to take care of their pets.

We understand this. So, we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to claim from your AVBOB funeral policy and give the departed the dignified goodbye that they deserve.

Our expert advice and wide network of offices and funeral agencies mean that when you need to claim from us for funeral cover, we are there for you.

How to Make a Claim on your AVBOB funeral cover

A burial or cremation can cost a great deal, so you need the pay-out from your AVBOB funeral policy to help with the expenses. What’s more, AVBOB offers a complete one-stop funeral solution for its members. So, if you choose AVBOB Funeral Service to conduct the funeral of the life insured, you will receive up to R17 000 in free funeral benefits*. The free funeral benefits* include funeral arrangements and a specified coffin and hearse to the value of R12 000, free transport of the deceased in SA, plus a R2 500 cash pay-out to the beneficiary to assist with immediate expenses. These benefits are over and above the value of your policy, thus enhancing the overall monetary value you have to spend on a dignified funeral.

Here are some useful guidelines you can follow to make sure your funeral plan claim is processed quickly.

If you need certified copies of the death certificate, simply take the original documents to your nearest AVBOB funeral agency and we will do it for you.

Here’s what else you will need to give your AVBOB agent when you make a claim on your AVBOB funeral plan.

Death from Natural Causes

If the person who died was:

  • A certified copy of the original death certificate.
  • A completed “Claim Application Form”. You can get this from any AVBOB funeral agency.
  • The first three pages of the DHA1663 form (Notification/Registration of Death/Stillbirth).
  • Certified copies of the ID of the person who died, the person making the claim, and any other people listed in the policy as beneficiaries.
  • Bank statement/s of the person making the claim and other beneficiaries. These must not be older than 3 months.

If the person who died was older than 21, but younger than 26, and he or she was a full-time student still dependent on the policyholder, you will also need to give AVBOB the following:

  • A letter from the educational institution stating that the deceased had been studying there at the time of their death. The letter also needs to state that the person who died was financially dependent on the policyholder and did not have a job.
  • If the name of the person who died is not printed in the policy, you will need to provide proof that he/she was a child of the policyholder. This can be a full birth certificate, an extract from the population register, or a clinic card. It must show the names of both parents.
Death from Unnatural Causes

In the case of death from unnatural causes, you will need to give AVBOB the following:

  • All the documents listed above.
  • A completed form from the South African Police Service stating the cause of death.
Accident Benefit

When making a claim from the Accident Benefit (if this benefit is included in the policy), you will need to give AVBOB the following:

  • All the documents listed above.
  • The driver’s license of the person who died and the result of the person’s blood alcohol test (if he/she was the driver in a motor vehicle accident).
  • A certified copy of the post-mortem report.
  • A copy of any court findings or judgements.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these documents can take a long time to organise. If that happens, your AVBOB funeral plan claim may take longer to process.

How to Make a Waiver of Premium or Disability Benefit Claim on Your Cashback Life Cover

Making a claim against a Waiver of Premium or Disability Benefit (if this is included in the policy), you will need to give AVBOB the following:

  • A completed “Disability Medical Report”. Ask your AVBOB agent for this.
  • A medical report saying how the person became disabled.
  • Proof that the person’s employment was ended.
  • The person’s sick leave records from their employer.

PLEASE NOTE: Written notice of this type of claim from the AVBOB funeral policy must be sent to our Head Office as soon as possible. Your AVBOB agent can help you with this.

Contact Details

It’s important to have the reassurance that you can get in touch with us easily to make your claim. Our qualified people are on hand to help you through your hour of need.

For further information about the AVBOB family and AVBOB Funeral or Life Cover, there are many ways to get in touch.

  • Visit your local AVBOB branch.
  • Ask us to call you by dialling *120*28262# (USSD rates apply).
  • SMS ‘CALL ME’ to 30776. The SMS is free.
  • Visit

If you need to claim, or if you are already an AVBOB policyholder and you need more details about your FREE Funeral Benefits* or anything else about your policy:

  • Visit and use your e-policy login.
  • You can call us on 0861 28 26 21.
  • You can email us at
  • To have the contact details of an AVBOB branch sent to your cell phone, dial *120*28262# (USSD rates apply), then choose the branch you are looking for from the list. The contact details will be sent to you by SMS for free.
  • For 24-hour funeral support, dial 0861 28 26 21.

Secure your peace of mind with an AVBOB funeral plan. Get in touch today.

*Terms and conditions apply. Free funeral benefits only apply if AVBOB Funeral Service conducts the funeral. FSP 20656

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