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Our Phenomenal Services Handle International Repatriation for You

It is not uncommon for South African families to have loved ones across the globe, but this also makes dealing with their passing difficult. Bringing your loved ones back home where they will be given the respectful farewell they deserve after they die can be complicated, expensive, and traumatic for many. Repatriation services are integral to any funeral service offering, and we at AVBOB have always understood the importance of reuniting families with their treasured ones after they pass on. Our Mutual Assurance Society is an industry leader at the forefront of giving back to our valued members, and our repatriation services are no different.

What Repatriation Means and Why It’s Important

Repatriation is the transporting of human remains to their final place of burial or cremation. It is required when families wish to return the body of their deceased loved ones home should they pass on while in a foreign country. This is an international endeavour that presents challenges in the form of expenses and legalities, which adds to an already difficult time for any family. The global COVID-19 pandemic also created more demand for international repatriation services, with which we at AVBOB have been able to assist. Prior to the pandemic, we launched a dedicated AVBOB Repatriation Hub. This hub is a centralised logistics operation that made it possible for AVBOB policyholders and individual private clients to repatriate deceased loved ones, whether locally or internationally

The Challenges Facing the Industry

Transporting someone who has passed on presents several difficulties, such as overnight transport restrictions, safety protocols, and other legalities. We at AVBOB have a unique advantage in our services in that we can collect the deceased and transport them anywhere in the world. We have a logistics fleet as well as our own network of mortuaries and undertakers across the country. Using class-leading cooled vehicles, we can meet the safety standards of cross-border transportation. We also utilise air transport for seamless international repatriations. This is in stark contrast to industry competitors who must first contact third-party undertakers to collect remains and take them to a mortuary for preparation and transportation, and then only collect the body to be transported. Our services are not subject to main-route transportation restrictions in South Africa either

AVBOB policyholders also enjoy member benefits, as they receive many of our domestic services at no extra charge, including free repatriation within the borders of South Africa. Our end-to-end services include

• International funeral arrangements and transport, with services such as flights, transfers, and customs brokerage.
• Repatriation from the place of death to the place of burial or cremation.
• A refrigerated fleet of vehicles.
• Refrigerated storage for the deceased.
• Preparation of the remains.
• A complete documentary service.
• The careful return of personal effects.

In your time of need, we are here for you with a global reach, ready to assist when you require it most. If you would like to make use of our services, or if you want to find out more about our customised packages and pricing, be sure to contact us at or click here.

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