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You’re never too young or too old to have a funeral cover.

Nobody, from young adults to family breadwinners to elderly parents, knows what life holds in store. It could be good, it could be bad. One thing is certain, and that is, unfortunately, the passing of ourselves and our loved ones.

We need to prepare for this natural event in life. It’s vital to consider how your family, whether they’re older or younger, would cope if anything were to happen to you. When our time comes, we all want our families to enjoy happy memories of our lives, and not be burdened by the costs, and administrative trauma, of a funeral.

Remember, your surviving family will be going through an emotional time as they have just lost a loved one. But they will want to honour your life, and a dignified funeral does just that. It allows friends and family to grieve, and it allows them to celebrate your life.

Unfortunately, funerals can be costly. In South Africa, the average funeral costs between R12,000 and R60,000, with some costing as much as R150,000. A coffin, which you’ll need if you’re cremated or buried, can cost R8,000 and more.

You can see why death can be an unexpected expense that you or your family may not be able to afford.

Who should have funeral cover?

Insurance, particularly as you make your journey through life, becomes more and more important.

When you’re young, carefree, and single, you’re unlikely to be thinking of a funeral policy for yourself. Your life stretches ahead of you, bursting with opportunities. You have more important things on your mind, like paying off your student loans, buying that new car, moving into the first place of your own, and, of course, kick-starting your career.

Having funeral cover is, even at this age, a strong safety net, particularly if you’re the breadwinner for your parents and siblings. You don’t want them to suffer financially when they’re already suffering the heartache of the loss of their son or daughter, brother or sister.

And remember, your parents were nurturing you at the start of your life. So, it’s natural that you would want to look after them at the end of theirs. One of the best ways you can do this is with a funeral cover that enables you to give them a dignified farewell, whether they’re sixty or celebrating their centennial.

What’s more, you can take out funeral cover on behalf of your parents and siblings, and even your extended family. This gives your entire family peace of mind should the worst happen.

Fortunately, the biggest advantage of buying a life cover at a young age is that the price of the premiums can be substantially less than buying the same cover as you get older.

If it’s later in your life, and you have a spouse or children of your own, the funeral cover is even more important. It helps to protect your dependents when the unfortunate happens, by giving them extra money to help with your funeral.

Whatever your age, remember that funeral cover is, at this sad time, even more important than life cover. Life policies take time to pay out, as the estate of the departed has to be wound up. A funeral cover helps you with immediate debt as it pays out on your passing.

Life happens – and you need to be prepared for it.

Whether you’ve just landed your first job, or retiring from your last, think ahead. Make sure you have funeral cover in place, for you and your family. It’ll give loved ones the chance to focus on the departed’s achievements in life, and not shoulder the debt of their death.

Think about it carefully. You love your family. With funeral cover, you can rest assured that you’re giving them the dignity to say goodbye, just as much as they’re giving you the dignity of a fond farewell.

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