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AVBOB Coffins & Caskets

AVBOB is honoured to be appointed to conduct the funeral arrangement services and provision of custom made funeral where that is befitting of a dignity send off for all the presidents of the South Africa. In our proud history of 100 years, we have remained true to our humanitarian roots and as such we were highly honoured to provide the funeral wear and services for the true icon of humanity and dignity. Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Our custom crafted, flagship Madiba Casket inspired our extended Presidential Range and Royal Range of caskets which now includes a range of three two - tone wood caskets in Planked Cherry/Bank Alder, Burned Oak/Bank Alder, State Maple/Bank Alder and five caskets with leatherette finishes. The inner of the caskets are layered with opulent quilt silk, the outside is tastefully trimmed with matching antique silver long - swing bar handles and ornaments. The wooden, elegant caskets in the range are designed with a deep – set inner lid which is artistically lined and expertly trimmed with twisted silk with a beautiful flower motif detailed in the corner or center of the lid upholstery.
4666 The Madiba
The Madiba casket personifies the understated refined class of the larger than life symbol of Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Matching colour full swing bar grip handles and corner pillars complete the exquisite design of the casket. The casket has an elegant design and is manufactured to capture the imperial majesty of the farewell occasion.

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