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AVBOB Coffins & Caskets

4300 Planked Cherry / Bank Alder
The Planked Cherry / Bank Alder casket is finished with classic wood grain contrasted with rich dark wood on the lid and bed frame.

4400 Burnt Oak / Bank Alder
The Burnt Oak Casket is finished in burnt oak complemented with dark wood lid and bed trimming. Matching colour full swing bar grip handles and corner pillars complete the exquisite design of the casket.

4812 State Maple / Bank Alder
The State Maple casket is finished with Bank Adler moulds, antique silver full swing handles.

4800 Radiant Oak Caskets
This classically designed casket is beautifully finished with a light wooden dome.

4900 Apollo Cherry
The Apollo Cherry casket is finished with classic dark wood grain.

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