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Why Choose AVBOB?

In today’s competitive business world, brands go to extreme lengths to position themselves as "different". More often than not, these differentiators are formulated, and often they are rather forced. This is not the case for AVBOB - a century-old, iconic South African brand that finds its "difference" in its own DNA. In fact, AVBOB is a business like no other in its industry. This is a bold claim for any business to make, but for AVBOB it’s the truth. Simply put, AVBOB is a Mutual Assurance Society. This means that AVBOB has no external shareholders.
That’s right, AVBOB’s members benefit directly from the society’s profits and receive special bonuses in the form of FREE funeral benefits*.
This means that members get to keep their money - their entire policy value - to spend on those extras that will ensure a dignified send-off for their loved ones. AVBOB, in other words, is defined by its unique culture of sharing.
With AVBOB family comes first, always!
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