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How our funeral representatives can assist

The representative will guide, advise and assist you in arranging the funeral service you feel is most appropriate. Some of the major decisions you will have to make include:
  • Choice of burial, cremation or graveside service
  • The day, time and venue for the service
  • A Minister or Pastor
  • An organist 
  • Is a family viewing of the deceased appropriate?
  • How would you like the deceased to be dressed?
  • What sort of coffin or casket?
  • Who will carry the coffin or casket?
  • Who will prepare a eulogy?
  • What flowers would be most appropriate for the coffin and/or church?
  • Would you like a funeral notice placed in the newspaper? Which newspaper?
  • Donations to a charitable organisation in lieu of flowers
  • Tea to be served following the service, and if so, where?
  • What special things can be done to personalise the ceremony?
  • If a cremation was conducted, what to do with the ashes following the cremation
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