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Our Promise to You

As a member of the National Funeral Directors’ Association (NFDA) we are committed to the code of conduct of the Association, which reads as follows:

In full realisation that funeral directing is an essential public service, we as members of this Association solemnly pledge ourselves to conduct our business with honour and dignity and to this we agree:
  • To act in the best interest of all who need our services.
  • To respect all beliefs and to treat all personal information as strictly confidential.
  • To treat the deceased with care and respect and to take all due precautions in regard to health regulations.
  • To charge reasonable rates for services rendered and not to exploit bereaved families.
  • To be responsible in advertising and to refrain from soliciting and corruption.
  • To maintain high ethical standards in our relationship with the public as well as other funeral directors.
  • To be loyal to our vocation and to the National Funeral Directors Association of Southern Africa.
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