Cashback Funeral Policy

Cashback Funeral Policy Privileges, Conditions and Provisions

Word Description
The owner of the policy.

Life (lives) Insured
People who are covered under the policy and whose names must appear on the policy contract.

Sum Insured
The amount payable by AVBOB when death occurs.

The amount payable by the Insured to procure the payment of the sum insured when the happening against which is insured, occurs. This amount is payable monthly in advance.

The party (in this case AVBOB) who bears the risk for payment of the benefit to another party, when the named happening occurs.

Premium Payer
The person who undertakes to pay the premiums per debit order / stop-order / cash.
Privileges, Conditions and Provisions
Cooling-off Rights Period
Details when Lodging Complaints
Cash Back Benefit
Accident Benefit
Parent Benefit (if applicable)
Spouse Benefit
Extended Family Benefit
Children’s Benefit
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