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Frequently Asked Questions

Centenary Special Bonus

Why is AVBOB declaring a centenary special bonus?
How does the 2018 centenary special bonus, linked to my policy, work?
Can I receive the centenary special bonus as a cash amount, as I need it now and not when I die? There is enough money available for the funeral.
When will this 2018 centenary special bonus be linked to my policy?
Will interest be added to my AVBOB Reward Account (ARA)?
What are the FREE funeral benefits?
What happens to my centenary special bonus if I surrender or cancel my policy?
Can I claim the FREE funeral benefits if I make use of another funeral parlour to arrange the funeral?
How will I know what benefit my policy qualifies for?
Will any debt on the policy be deducted from the centenary special bonus?
Who can withdraw the AVBOB Reward Account *?
Who will receive the payment of the AVBOB Reward Account*, when it becomes payable – the applicant/premium payer or the main insured person (for example in cases such as third party premium payer policies, where the main insured person is not the premium payer)?
Whose age is used to determine whether the AVBOB Reward Account* is payable?
How do members apply for the AVBOB Reward Account (ARA) and what documents are required for the payment of the ARA?
Can members only withdraw the full value of the AVBOB Reward Account* in one transaction, or can members make multiple withdrawals from the AVBOB Reward Account* and if so, how often can members make such multiple withdrawals?


Why is it taking so long for you to pay me?
How will I be kept updated on my claim?
Will AVBOB confirm to the private funeral parlour that my claim will be paid?
When you sold the policy to me you promised the money will be paid within forty-eight (48) hours?
Why are claims being validated/audited?
Who are the claimants on a policy?
What do I do when a death occurs?
What documents we will require to process all claims promptly?
How can AVBOB's Funeral Services help?
What do I get as an AVBOB member?
Why should I choose AVBOB's Cashback Lifestyle?
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