AVBOB CSI Reflections

AVBOB CSI 13 Employment Solutions for People with Disabilities is a unique non-profit organisation (NPO) that facilitates employment opportunities for persons with a variety of disabilities. Their vision is to empower every person with a disability according to their unique capabilities through integrated and meaningful employment. EMPLOYMENT SOLUTIONS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES At the AVBOB Foundation, we have made it our mission to give AVBOB advertising banners that are out of use a new lease on life by donating them to the NPO. The banners get recycled and manufactured into bags which are then purchased back and used as unique promotional items. bags Out-of-use banners get donated and made into Material is donated to Employment Solutions Material is then made into bags LIFE-CYCLE OF AN AVBOB BILLBOARD Billboard Billboard gets removed and recycled The bags are purchased & used as promotional items