AVBOB CSI Reflections

14 AVBOB CSI TROLLEY LIBRARIES The Centurion Council for the Aged (CCA) is a registered welfare organisation situated in Pretoria, and has been in existence since 1989. The NGO renders services to older persons and other vulnerable people (HIV/AIDS-affected) to enable them to live in a dignified way in the community. CENTURION COUNCIL FOR THE AGED AVBOB supported the project by funding the improvement and restoration of the buildings, maintenance, training of councillors and expansion of their vegetable project. grandmothers initiated a sewing project to raise funds 35+ CCA has been in existence since 1989 7 82 60 Number of years involved in the project Number of people involved in sewing and gardening activities The age of the oldest patron in the CCA Due to the large number of requests from smaller underprivileged schools that do not meet the minimum requirements to qualify as beneficiaries for the container library project, the Foundation was inspired to produce trolley libraries – mobile, wooden bookshelves that are manufactured at AVBOB Industries. THE TROLLEY LIBRARY PROJECT was created for smaller, underpriviledged schools trolley libraries donated 32