AVBOB CSI Reflections

16 AVBOB CSI WINTER WARMER AND NELSON MANDELA DAY The aim of these campaigns is to offer a donation in the form of time or financial assistance for the beneficiaries involved. Every year, the AVBOB Foundation invites submissions of deserving beneficiaries and/or projects from each of our seven provincial offices around the country for their annual Winter Warmer and Nelson Mandela campaigns. HIS BIRTHDAY = WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE 67MINUTES ON MANDELA DAY? PEOPLE CELEBRATE THE IDEA THAT CHANGE THE WORLD. EACH PERSON HAS THE POWER TO MADIBA SPENT IN PUBLIC SERVICE. 67 YEARS TOTAL SPEND 2013-2018 7 PROVINCIAL OFFICES + HEAD OFFICE R1 089 126 R1 213 473 MANDELA DAY WINTER WARMER