AVBOB CSI Reflections

18 AVBOB CSI Towards the end of 2015, AVBOB took the Diepsloot Kasi Hive, a cooperative in Diepsloot, under its wing when it decided to sponsor the young entrepreneurs. DIEPSLOOT KASI HIVE VEGETABLE GARDEN PROJECT The DKH members were awarded an opportunity to undergo an accredited training programme. The AVBOB Foundation managed to secure a vegetable tunnel at St. Mungo’s United Church in Diepsloot, to be used as a training hub with the aim of developing a commercially viable business that will be sustainable in the long run. Project commenced 2015 5 Social entrepreneurs qualified with a National Certificate in Plant Production (NQF1) VEGETABLES PLANTED 44 20 000 4 4 4 8 Plant markers Wheelbarrows Picks Rakes Spades TOOLS REQUIRED Cabbage Lettuce Swiss Chard Kale Beetroot