AVBOB CSI Reflections

AVBOB CSI 1 PREFACE ‘ We’re here for you ’ in action 2012 Foundation was formally established in A secondary objective is to enhance the AVBOB brand – both to customers, other stakeholders and employees. Naturally, this requires monetary investment and the dedicated involvement of all members of the organisation – from the Executive Committee to staff members working in the communities we aim to reach. Most importantly, it requires strategy. CSI, which constantly evolves as society progresses, cannot be a one-size- fits-all solution. Each environment we engage with is unique, as are the needs of the people in it. With more than 8 000 dedicated staff members who manage our more than 300 funeral agencies and insurance branches, our nationwide presence ensures that we have reach in any community that needs our services. This influence has resulted in the development of a number of inspiring programmes that have changed the lives of many. Most conspicuously, the AVBOB Foundation is a champion of literacy, the builder of schools and libraries, and a patron of poetry and song. AVBOB Building an organisation that builds our nation is a longstanding pledge that AVBOB has invested in significantly. The AVBOB name prominently stands for funerals and funeral insurance in South Africa, and over the years this has enabled us to make numerous contributions to charitable organisations and individuals. Over recent years, our efforts have evolved beyond simply making donations, as our focus shifted to sustainable socio-economic development of the communities in which we operate. We have become an organisation that aims to create social capital: individuals, resources and environments that empower society to function successfully. The AVBOB Foundation was formally established in 2012 as the channel for AVBOB’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives. The purpose of the Foundation is to ensure that CSI, which is considered a business priority, is carried out in a proper, regulated and responsible manner to maximise impact and sustainable positive outcomes in communities where it is needed most. Primary & secondary focus is EDUCATION SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Biggest single financial contribution to date is R150 HEALTH & WELFARE million