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AVBOB Family Saver

Savings Plan

Saving is something we all should do!  Whether it is for education, to accelerate your mortgage payment or for a dream holiday, start saving today.

With the AVBOB Family Saver, you can save as little as R200 per month and have the benefit of yearly bonuses, special bonuses and a discount of up to R4 000 on a funeral*.

AVBOB Family Saver premium options:
You can choose to save monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly or put a single amount into the the savings account. To ensure that your saving is in line with inflation, you can choose to have the premium increase yearly by 6%, 10%, 15% or 20% (Civil servant payment system PERSAL only allows up to 15%)
Product Features
Costs recovered from investment account
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* Terms and conditions apply. 
FREE funeral benefits* only apply if AVBOB is appointed to conduct the funeral.

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