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AVBOB Family Funeral Insurance

AVBOB Funeral Insurance ensures that funeral costs do not become a financial burden. What's more, it is flexible, affordable, easy to understand and will ensure that all funeral arrangements are taken care of.
Funeral Insurance will provide between R10 000.00 and R20 000.00, depending on the plan you choose. Simply choose a plan that will suit your needs.
The premium is calculated according to the age next birthday of the oldest of the member or spouse and the chosen insured amount.
The maximum entry age of the member and / or spouse is 65 years next birthday. There is no extra premium payable for children. Children will enjoy cover under the policy from birth to the age of 20 years or 25 years if they are full-time students and not earning any income from whatever source. 
Policy terms and conditions
  • A waiting period of six months from the start date of the policy, will be applicable to all insured persons in respect of death as a result of natural causes. No waiting period applies in respect of death due to unnatural causes, provided that the policy started and that the first premium has been paid.
  • Maximum age at entry is 65 years next birthday.
  • In the case of accidental death (excluding suicide) of the main insured person, double the insured amount will be paid out.
  • Premiums can be revised on the policy anniversary as set out in the policy privileges, conditions and provisions.
  • Premiums will be paid until death of the main insured person.
  • Breadwinner Benefit (only applicable if the main insured person pays his own premiums): Should the main insured person die and a claim in respect of his/her life has been admitted, the policy, where applicable, will remain in force without further premium payment until the last insured person, including spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law, ceases to enjoy cover under the policy. The insured amount will be determined from time to time by the Actuary of AVBOB, but will not be less than 50% of the insured amount as at the time of death of the main insured person. This benefit is only applicable if the main insured person pays his/her own premiums.
  • This policy also acquires loan, surrender and paid-up values.   

Member's benefits
  • An AVBOB member who makes use of AVBOB Funeral Service will receive the following FREE funeral benefits*:
  • FREE funeral arrangement services
  • A coffin and hearse valued at R13 000
  • R2 500 cash upfront
  • FREE transport of the deceased anywhere in South Africa

These benefits are over and above the full policy value.
  • *These FREE funeral benefits* are subject to certain terms and conditions.
    PLUS, additional member benefits include:
    A 15% addition to the insured amount on the main insured person, which may be converted into a six month Payment Holiday*, provided the policy is 24 months or older.
  • PLUS your own AVBOB Reward Account which becomes available at death or age 65*
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