AVBOB CSI Reflections

AVBOB CSI 15 On 1 August 2017, a remarkable and unorthodox event took place in the social media space: the launch of a poetry competition in all 11 official languages to serve South Africans as a source of comfort and catharsis. THE AVBOB POETRY PROJECT 2017 2-year old The poetry competition launched on 1 August The poetry competition takes place in all boy’s funeral was the inspiration for the project official languages 11 The inspiration for the AVBOB Poetry Project took form at the funeral of a two- year-old boy who had died from a common childhood cancer. At his funeral, so great was his grandfather’s sense of loss, that he could barely speak. 20 774 POEMS SUBMITTED 3 108 POEMS PUBLISHED ONLINE 10 16 YOUNGEST POET TO ENTER YOUNGEST POET PUBLISHED 97 84 ELDEST POET TO ENTER ELDEST POET PUBLISHED