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AVBOB’s Cashback Funeral plan is a whole-life policy that allows you to insure the entire family, parents, parents-in-law and extended family members.

With AVBOB’s Cashback Funeral plan you get cash back for every five claim-free years*.  Provided there has been no claim over the entire five year period, AVBOB will give you your fifth year’s premiums back in cash*. 

What’s more is that all insured persons under the policy qualify for the following FREE Member benefits* which are over and above the value of the policy:
  • A FREE basic funeral to the value of R11 000
  • R2 500 upfront cash payment for initial expenses
  • FREE transport of the deceased within the borders of South Africa
PLUS your own AVBOB Reward Account which becomes available at death, or age 65* provided that the policy is at least 10 years old.

The above benefits are based on policies that have been in force for 24-months or longer and are subject to AVBOB being appointed to conduct the funeral.  To find out more about the benefits for members with policies that have been in force for less than 24 months, visit your nearest AVBOB office or contact us on 0861 28 26 21.
In addition to the FREE funeral benefits*, we have introduced a Premium Holiday* on policies that have been in force for 24 months and more.   As part of our recent bonus declaration, we have increased the value of the insured amount on the main insured person on the policy.  If needed, this special bonus can be converted into a once-off Premium Holiday* lasting 6 months.
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FREE funeral benefits* only apply if AVBOB is appointed to conduct the funeral.

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